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Love is our soul purpose.

When we face our fears, we are freed to step fully into who we have been preparing to be our whole life.

Who have you been preparing to be your whole life? When Kate asked herself that question, she knew that the life she was leading and who she had truly come here to be were at complete odds. In fact, it had gotten so bad that she would often cry in her car on the drive into her j.o.b. Sitting in the parking garage, it would take a few minutes before she could actually get herself to go up to the office. Before walking in, she would put her hand on the door knob and say a silent prayer of, “Please God, help me get through this day. Help me to last here long enough to save up enough money to quit.”

Although Kate had been a gymnast, the splits between “the dock” and “the boat” had simply become too painful for her to endure any longer, and so Kate made the life-changing decision to leave for good. She was finally able to step fully into who she had been preparing to be HER whole life by starting her own business, Soul Purpose.

Kate is most passionate about helping people who feel pain, discomfort, anxiety and/or all of the above over why they are really here. When she gets asked, “So Kate, what do you do?,” her answer is, “Professionals hire me to help unleash their YES, because most of them are just going through the motions, sacrificing themselves in every area of their lives, and they’ve given up on what they believe is possible for themselves, so I help them to get clear on, and stand fully in, who they are, why they are here and how they can step fully into their own greatness. Bottom line, I help them get on track, on purpose and living their best, most authentic lives.”  

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Kate applies her corporate experience, her certifications as a Life Purpose, Relationship and Grief Intuitive Coach and her intuitive gifts to to create a personalized action plan for you to begin moving forward with answers, clarity and direction. Kate provides her clients with ongoing 1:1 support and guidance, so they remain confident and clear that they are on their right path, every step of the way.

It takes a great deal of energy and effort to remain in a job or relationship that no longer fulfills you. Contact Kate to help you discover your unique talents, capacity for success and gain a realization of what it can feel like to begin living your best, most authentic life.


Kate Hagerty

Life Purpose & Relationship Intuitive Coach, Certified Graphologist

Speaker ~ Trainer ~ Coach

Have you been asking yourself, “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” and “What is my true life purpose?””

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 “Kate’s intuitive readings are a perfect forum for her talents! The unique combination of numerology and guidance makes the information clear and understandable as well as accurate. I thoroughly enjoyed the insights she imparted, and highly recommend her work.”